Thursday, 8 December 2011

True Christmas Spirit

Christmas decorations are done, tree is up, all done with shopping. It is time to get showered with gifts and wishes but in the midst of all this we should never forget the real spirit of Christmas. The memories of some acts which really spread love and the message of Christmas are still fresh in my mind. One of them is our carol rounds. We were a group of ten families and we kids grew up together. The idea of carol rounds used to spread a smile across our face and we used to pull out our best sweaters and practise all the lively carols which were fun and lively.
Carol rounds used to start as late as 9 at night and used to go on till wee hours in the morning. We picked non-christian houses to spread the message of the reason behind the birth of our Saviour. We visited a variety of people. The snacks they offered used to excite us but what kept the joy and fun going was the way the message was spread. Lot of people were able to have happiness and peace by listening to the story of Christmas and the songs. I remember an aunty telling us that every year she looks forward to December and our carol rounds as she feels that her house is bestowed with some kind of special blessings. I am sure anyone who has opened their doors for the Lord will feel the same. It is a season that reminds us strongly the reason we are here and that our life should not revolve around the mechanical life and the commercial life which we lead.
Now we have all grown and gone to different places and have our own families but the spirit that was instilled in us when we were kids have grown and I hope that I will be impart the spirit to more people and also instill the right idea of Christmas in my son’s mind.
Feliz Navidad!!