Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Man of My Dreams

One Sunday morning as I go up the escalator in Chennai trade Centre in Chennai, I see a man wearing a blue striped shirt saying “Hi” to us. I was skeptical at his reception, though it was arranged that the families will meet. Little did I realize that am meeting the guy am going to spend the rest of my life with and the person who I will be head over heels in love with. It was not love at first sight but you can call it love at first conversation. Within hours we came to know that we had a lot of similar taste though we were very different as people. I decided that I can afford to wave the green flag for marriage as I was sure that he will make a great friend and husband.

We did have our days of courtship which was as usual not only a bed of roses, it had its own ups and downs but it just helped us to know each other better. Sometimes I think that my husband is so amazing that I don’t know if I’m good enough, but I also realize that as I make him happy, it is definitely what I want to be.

Edwin has many sides and layers to him and until and otherwise you know him really well you will not be able to witness the real Edwin. He is basically friendly and helpful but if he decides about something then even the Lord will have a tough time to reason out with him. A happy go lucky guy to the world but emotions run deep and it is not visible to the world. I realised this when his happiness and anxiety was revealed in form of tears rolling down his cheeks when I came out of my labor room. He was just so excited to see me that he broke down. Even people who knew him for years were shocked to see this reaction and I was so happy as it was a kind of confirmation to let me know how much he loves me.

The extra mile he goes to make everyone happy and please everyone irritates me at times but then that is who he is and all said and done I admire it and am proud of it. I have learnt that we should accept each other as we are as he accepts me even with my possessive nature. He has always been there for me and has backed my decisions no matter what they are. As mentioned earlier the similarities we have are too many to list, some of them are the readiness to travel,  watching movies, music, sports and friends. I wish I had more time with him but then am sure no matter how many days he spends with me I will still have this complaint as his company is so great that no number of days or hours spent together seem to be enough. I jokingly tell Edwin that he just doesn’t have a choice other than to live with me as I will never ever let go off him. It is just the way he understands me and my thoughts that amaze me.  After marriage, my sight has become so strong and my instincts so right that I also understand what he wants and where he is heading to.  We have worked great as a team as we realize we are not vying with each other but are there for each other.

As a father he is hands down a winner. I can put up my legs and relax as soon as we step out of our house as Edwin will take over the role of taking care of Dan. He has been more of a son to my parents than a son-in-law. His relationship with my mom is amazing and they behave as friends and the respect he has for my dad is great.

 I have never been in love before but I realize that it is because God wanted me to meet Edwin so that I can pour out all the love I have and make it last for a lifetime. My life with Edwin has given me tons of deepest and happiest moments and I am sure I will have many more to cherish. After all definitely God meant marriage to be part of His happiness plan. Even though Edwin does make blunders at times like break my semi professional camera I still love him till the world’s end.


  1. Nice Write up ! You should definitely write more! Good to hear about my old old old ( not by age ) long time friend

  2. :) that was very sweet. Evlo kaasu vaangune? ;D

  3. Lydie.. de pondi trip was de bribe. But tel de truth aren't we mfeo.

  4. Nice write up aarti! expecting more abt edwin from his childhood days :)

  5. Too gud this is!!! i can see the amount of love you have on Eddie (or shud i say Winnie!!!)... Really loved reading this and to tell you the truth i've read it thrice already. Keep up the Gud work Aarti!!! so, the next one is about Dan???

    You made me think about continuing my blog ;-)

  6. Excellent write up aarti. I proudly shouts here that i am eddi's childhood friend. Keep writing.