Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Sidam Touch Visitor

My sister walks into the door on Fridays and then it is time to look out…
She is a great person and has great talent but this talent seems to top the list. A nice start to a week end. We are comfortably seated on our bean bags after dinner chit chatting and watching our favorite Master Chef Australia and then we can smell something. Something burning badly. We are running from room to room checking what it is about, everything seems to be all right but the smell gets stronger and stronger. We are like dogs sniffing the trail of the smell and it leads us close to the balcony and then we see something dripping and it is the tube light burning. Rush call for help, call the electrician, take down the tube, open the doors and let there be some outlet to the smell.
You might wonder what this has to do with my sister, you will understand as you read on.

After the tube light incident it was one week of no issues and then the following Friday arrives and so does my sister. The evening goes on smoothly we bid an early goodnight as we had to leave to Pondicherry the following morning and so she enters her room and so do I with my son in tow. Suddenly my phone beeps, “Aarti’ka did the current go?”. My mind voice tells, “What happened?” She informs how the fan was working when she switched it on and then became slow and then stopped. She seems to have an electric touch.

The next week end we decided to be precocious so we told her, “no touching switches, we will assist you.” So thankfully all the electrical items were still in working condition and then with a sigh of relief and satisfaction I enter the kitchen to see it being flooded with water. Your guesses are right, my sister had entered the kitchen and the water bubble tap refuses to close.

We have been bullying her since then calling her Miss.Disaster. These are just a series of coincidence but it is funny to see them happen when she is around. In comes the pretty looking babe and out goes something in the house. Is it that her artistic fingers are not meant for regular usage, will wait and watch in the weeks to come! Beauty with the ultimate touch is what we can describe her.

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