Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My Role Models in Life

Parents are the ones who give us good advice and show us the right path. They are angels on earth who are there for us through thick and thin and are proud to see us grow into good human beings. The pat they give on our back is what we look forward to strive for all through our life as that is the best reward we can receive. To maintain a joyful family requires much from both the parents and the children. Both has to become, in a special way, the servant of the others. My heroes will always remain my parents as no matter who we are influenced by the biggest heroes we have seen from close quarters are always our parents. As any child would declare I have been blessed with great parents who have supported me and been there for me even when the whole world was ready to point a finger at me and have a good laugh. They blessed me with the best of everything but did not make me a cripple, they let me make my mistakes learn from them and let my wings gain strength so that I will be able to face the adversities of the world with grace and strength. They also made me understand that human strength would be of no use if I had no spiritual and inner strength. I was given pocket money but also taught the value of each penny.

My appa is a person with many sides. He can be as emotional as a baby but if he resolves his mind against someone, then God save them. I have seen the way he has climbed up the ladder with sheer hard work. Even today after crossing half a century he does not rest. He prefers to be on the run as long as his legs can carry him. His love for the family knows no bounds but at times does not know how to express them. After his parents demise he has taken extra efforts to keep all his five sisters happy. I love to see the way he bonds with my mom’s side, in fact at times he seems to be more in sync with the family than my mom! He is a wonder who is yet to be unraveled completely. The talents he has are too many to list and it might sound as if am boasting but why shouldn’t I be proud of him. His dance skills are still spoken of even after years. I would like to share an anecdote. When Edwin and I got engaged, Edwin’s uncle suddenly walked up to my dad and asked whether he studied in St.John’s in Tirunelveli and when my dad nodded in agreement that uncle’s excitement was visible, and he said, “Wow, you used to be a great dancer, I was your junior and used to admire your dance”. This made me realize how he was remembered even after years. A favourite among everyone, he takes the extra effort to make people feel special. Wonder if I will ever learn tolerance from him as that is a quality I least possess but wish I can cultivate it someday as I know how much my dad has achieved because of this.

My mom is my first best friend. I don’t know how I can write my feelings about her as they are too many. We share everything and she has filled too many roles in my life, a true mentor, friend, philosopher, at times even that of a sibling. Till date tears roll down my cheeks if I have to bid her good bye. She has been there for me at every step of my life and has been my pillar of my strength. She has known all my friends and all the antics we have been up to. She has been kind as well as strict. I still can’t afford to raise my voice against her as I know that I will be reprimanded for it but she encourages a healthy argument so that I can understand the pros and cons of things. I can count on her no matter what I need and she is there for me. She is been patient and listens to all the stories I have to tell no matter how silly they are. A woman of knowledge and a heart made of gold. She has taught me the value of being truthful and straight forward and has taught me that I should be able to face the consequences of being truthful as the end results for being truthful will be the best. She is a woman I admire. Edwin says that we are so much alike and that our thought processes are just the same. It is just that I have spent so much time with her and admired her that we think and act the same way. She has allowed me to enjoy the things I love to do and encouraged me and allowed me to grow as an individual.
I am so proud of my parents and now as I am a parent I wonder how my parents were such great example to me and am striving hard to be a good parent to my son. Thank you apaa and amma for being such great friends and parents. You really mean the world to me. I hope someday I will make you proud of me. Love you both.


  1. Aarti, yes however old you get, parents continue to be the first, the best we'll ever have...in every way...I resonate with your thoughts...and thank god for my parents do...I yearn for days when someone will say "I'm a chip off the old block" - that is the best compliment! and something I can only strive for. Thank god for parents.